2019 AGM

10 Jun 2019

Our annual Newstead Athletics AGM was held on Wednesday 5th June.

We were fortunate to receive nominations to fill all positions prior to the Wednesday night and now wish to welcome new and returning members.

We wish to thank our outgoing committee members for their contributions while serving on the committee. Krista Nicholls (Secretary and Public Officer) Lorna Wilson (Publicity – Examiner) Brenda Giles (cross country committee) and Jennifer Cook

Welcome new committee members – Chris Lawes, Shelley Lawes, Jenny Broad and Lauren Shaw (Secretary)

And Thank you to returning members for your contribution for 2018-2019 continued support for the upcoming 2019-2020 seasons. Mick Halaby (President) Susan McClenaghan and Barbara Clayton (Vice Presidents) Paul McShane (Treasurer), Jen Tait, Tristam Fitzallen, Orysia Petterwood, Natasha Adams

Thank you also to those that attended the AGM to support our club.