The Personal Best Challenge


 The “Personal Best Challenge”

As recognition of improved performance over the season we are introducing a competition that rewards you for the number of PB’s you achieve.  The only person you compete against in this challenge is yourself.

The criteria will be how many personal bests you obtain in our 2016 Cross Country Season events.

There will be only 3 prizes in this competition.  In the event of a tie we will calculate the winner by the best % increase in your Personal Km rate for the season.

The PB’s will be Division specific,  i.e. if you run 6 minute KM in Division one then run 5:30 in Division 3 this is not a PB.  You will need to run in the same division and better your KM rate overall for that race.

Example – Race 1 you run 6 minutes per km.  This is your PB for the season. Race 2 you run 5.50 per km, your PB count is 1 and your new PB to beat is 5:50 per km.  If you run 5.55 in race 3 this is not a PB.  If you run 5.46 per km in race 5 then this becomes your PB and your count is 2 for the season. Etc.

Winners for the 2016 season are:


Division 1 – Seona Findlay 


Division 2 – Kelly Gowans 


Division 3 – Annabelle Cook